EasyE is a new service in Finland that simplifies obtaining and creating building energy certificates

Planera, a consulting firm specializing in renovation services, created EasyE to provide a modern and user-friendly tool for energy certificate creation.

In the 21st century, the importance of building energy efficiency has increased significantly, and to promote this, a law was enacted in 2013 that requires buildings to have an energy certificate. The energy certificate is valid for a maximum of 10 years, and the building owner is responsible for obtaining it. Only certified energy assessors are authorized to create energy certificates.

The energy certificate is based on the characteristics of the building and its technical systems, as well as the derived energy consumption. The certificate includes information on the following:

  • Actual total energy consumption and purchased energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency class and energy efficiency index (E-value) based on calculated consumption
  • Recommendations from a professional on improving the building’s energy efficiency.

Challenges in obtaining energy certificates

Previously, building owners had to find a qualified energy certificate assessor in their area, which could require several calls before finding a suitable professional. Additionally, the wide range of prices for energy certificate services and the need for more transparency in pricing has made it difficult for customers to compare services.

Creating energy certificates has also been a time-consuming process in the past. Tools available on the market to support certificate creation have either been difficult to use or too complicated. Furthermore, they often lacked clear guidance to make the calculation process more straightforward and efficient. EasyE solves all these challenges at once:

  • EasyE provides a modern and user-friendly tool for creating energy certificates for qualified professionals.
  • The service provides an easy and up-to-date solution for how customers who need energy certificates and energy assessors can find each other.
  • Energy certificates are always offered at a fixed price so that customers can predict their costs. Since obtaining an energy certificate is more efficient, the certificate is also more affordable.

EasyE simplifies the work of both energy assessors and customers

The service operates on a platform that connects building owners who need energy certificates with qualified energy assessors. Through EasyE’s website, building owners can easily find professionals who are part of the service, and ordering an energy certificate is as easy as ordering any other product online today.

Energy assessors have their portal in the service, which includes the EasyE calculation application and a work queue. The service simplifies the creation of energy certificates and speeds up the assessment process.

EasyE’s service also speeds up, simplifies, and facilitates the work of energy certificate assessors. The service provides energy certificate makers with their portal, which includes the EasyE calculation application and order queue. With the help of the service, the time required to make energy certificates is cut in half, allowing energy certificate makers to create more certificates in less time.

How EasyE works?

When a qualified energy certificate assessor wants to streamline their work and expand their customer base, EasyE offers excellent opportunities:

  • The fastest energy certificate calculation application on the market is available, with all automatable features automated.
  • The energy certificate assessor receives a ready-made workload in their chosen area of operation.
  • Instead of responding to requests for quotes and waiting for orders, they can take on work through the regional work queue found in the application.
  • EasyE handles the marketing and sales of the service, allowing the energy certificate assessor to focus on invoiced work.

The building owner can order an energy certificate directly online. They only need to:

  • Enter the basic information about the apartment or property
  • Scan and upload the necessary drawings
  • Fill in any additional information and clarifications.

After that, the energy certificate assessor contacts the customer for further clarification, agrees on a visit, and confirms the action plan.

Finally, the customer receives the finished energy certificate in their email, also uploaded to the ARA energy certificate register.

Pian voit tilata energiatodistuksen netistä.

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